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Public Speaking Workshops - The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Deborah Roffey February 15, 2018

Confidence is something that so many of us lack, yet we often find ourselves suddenly called upon to miraculously produce ... at the spur of the moment! Has that ever happened to you? Or are you one of the lucky few that confidence has found its way into your very core and you have no idea what all the fuss is about? Chances are you're the former, otherwise, it's unlikely you'd be visiting this site at all!


Public speaking is reportedly one of the worst fears humans will ever face - in fact, some people would have you believe it's worse than death! Whilst I can't presume that it's the same for everyone, it is, indeed, a well-recognised, and yet still very much misunderstood, fear. From racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, and shaking hands & knees, to tongue-tied, dry mouth, and forgetfulness - these are just some of the symptoms of speech anxiety known as Glossophobia - the fear of public speaking.

People tend to believe successful speakers and presenters are born with a talent for public speaking. This is nonsense! Public speaking is a skill - a skill which can be learnt. Even the best speakers in the world learned their craft, dedicating countless hours to training, practice, and experience - they were not born to present; it did not come naturally; they worked hard to get where they are and can now reap the rewards.

Clients often begin their public speaking journey because they:

  • have a wedding speech to make,
  • are wanting to step up their presentations to improve sales, or toward future advancement,
  • have an interview to prepare for,
  • are an author, preparing for a book launch,
  • or perhaps they simply want to build their confidence in social settings.

Whatever the reason, Premier Public Speaking wants you to succeed and will work with you to make it happen. Let us help you find that missing piece of the puzzle - your confidence. Our workshops, courses and coaching help speakers of all levels achieve their goals. The hardest part is making the first move - having the courage to pursue your goal. Take a step in the right direction. Book one of our workshops to commence your public speaking journey and leave the anxiety behind you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact PPS anytime for a chat or simply go to our Bookings page to get started, today!

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