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Give Yourself The Edge

Deborah Roffey October 12, 2018

Applying for a new job, seeking promotion, or facing a University placement selection panel, can be difficult in itself, but no matter how qualified or experienced we are, the interview process can overwhelm and cause us to fail. We need to give ourselves the edge.  But where do we start?

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We live in a very competitive society, often coming up against tough opposition who want what you want and will stop at nothing to get it!  It's up to you to find your point of difference and give yourself the edge to convince prospective employers, management, and Directors, or the University placement panel, that you are the person they want.

Society has become time-poor and the days of sitting around with friends and colleagues discussing the day's or week's events is becoming less evident.  A brief text or email on a digital device is the latest, simple, albeit unsociable, quick fix.  But this quick fix is to the detriment of ourselves and our career.

Our ability to converse freely, openly, and effectively is diminished by our infrequency or incapacity to practise communicating with others.  Our communication skills fall by the wayside and, when asked for a response during a job application or interview, we struggle to express ourselves properly, crippling our chances of selection.

People of all ages are finding it more and more difficult to converse or interact face-to-face, where phones and PCs have previously been substituted for many of us, and often feel intimidated by personal contact.  Even the simple art of making eye contact has become one of the major hurdles to overcome.  Nonetheless, you can fix it - you can give yourself the edge!

And Premier Public Speaking can help you.  You'll start by gaining confidence to overcome the fear of public speaking, learning the skills required to deliver effectively.  We'll help you find your inner strength to give you the edge and be the point of difference.

PPS offers private coaching, and presents a range of workshops, for you to learn the skills essential to communicating effectively.  Our coaching sessions and interactive workshops help develop your confidence to overcome your fears.

You’ll learn:

  • delivery methods to engage your audience and keep them interested
  • how to plan and prepare effective speeches and presentations, including impromptu speaking – perfect for those scary job or University interviews, and
  • how to understand, relate, and connect with your audience, crucial to public speaking success.

We’ll provide opportunities to present to an audience for you to practise and hone the skills you’ve learned, so that your fear is a thing of the past and your eloquent responses give you the edge you need to secure the position.

We’ll help you to become a confident, clear, engaging, and articulate communicator.

If you are interested in private coaching or attending one of our public speaking workshops, please contact us anytime for a chat or simply go to our Services page to get started, today!

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