Writing / Editing / Reviews

Struggling to say it right? Let Us Help You Tell Your Story!


Are you suffering writer's block?

Do you need help writing or editing your work?

Do you want your presentation reviewed?

Whether it’s for a:

  • Keynote speech
  • Sales Presentation or Pitch
  • Business Conference or Seminar
  • Wedding Speech or Eulogy
  • School/Club/Sports Presentation
  • Telephone or Sales Script
  • Blog
  • Web page

Whatever the occasion, Premier Public Speaking (PPS) will help write, draft, and/or edit your speeches or text. PPS will also ensure correct grammar, punctuation, and context is used throughout.

Your presentation can be reviewed in person or via digital media.  You will be provided with feedback and recommendations regarding the content, structure, delivery, and length of your presentation.

Clients experiencing difficulty attending our office, can utilise other media, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom, to assist them.

PPS charges a set hourly rate for all consultation, writing, editing, and reviews carried out. Contact us now for more details.