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A Simple Guide to Communicating Via Video Conferencing A Simple Guide to Communicating Via Video Conferencing

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Deborah Roffey June 03, 2020

COVID19 has presented us with some challenging times, both professionally and personally.  We are now living an almost surreal existence: we're not at war, yet we're forced indoors, isolated from our loved ones, friends, and work; compelled to abide by movement restrictions, both intrastate and interstate; and resigned to communicating differently and through the use of technology, without the ability to rely on face-to-face connection.  As governments outline a "new normal" for us all, we are going to have to get used to living and working within imposed restrictions, as we move forward.


During the new normal, many companies have accepted the 'working from home' policy, embracing video and computer technology as an effective means of communication between management, team members, staff, and clients, to keep their businesses flourishing.   As they continue functioning throughout this difficult period, businesses have come to rely more and more on communicating via video conferencing and, unconsciously, have also discovered an upside: the cost-effectiveness and speed with which this platform can help their business.

Video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Skype, Cisco, and Google Hangouts, are utilised by millions of people around the globe, each day.  But how well are we conversing or delivering our product or service via the internet?

It's important that we CHECK how we're doing ...
How well do you:");">? Communicate on camera?");">? Hold the audience's attention?");">? Engage the audience?");">? Close the deal?");">? Know how to read an audience's response?

If your online presentation and delivery skills need improving, join me for a 30-minute training session, where you'll learn simple techniques to use during online meetings or sessions, to help you communicate effectively.

'A Simple Guide to Communicating Via Video Conferencing' - Wednesday, 10th June 2020, 11:00-11:30 am AEST.
Followed by a 5-10min Q&A.  This workshop is geared to improve your video conferencing communication and delivery skills.
The workshop is a MUST for everyone, whether for business or pleasure, to ensure you communicate effectively.  Spots are limited.

This practical workshop is only $29 !!  BOOK NOW

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