Intensive Coaching

Create and Deliver Like a Pro!

Who can attend an Intensive Coaching course?

The Intensive Coaching course is designed for a speaker who wishes to continue their public speaking journey to hone their skills and improve their creativity and delivery, for personal or professional development and:

  • Has successfully completed one of our workshops; or
  • Is a more experienced speaker*

*If you have not completed one of our workshops, you will be required to undergo a 30-minute assessment or forward a video of yourself delivering a 6 to 8-minute speech. Assessment fees apply.


What is the difference between a Workshop and an Intensive Coaching course?

As an Intensive Coaching course participant you will already know the fundamentals of public speaking, so we don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

At PPS, our Intensive Coaching course will hone skills you already exhibit, whilst developing new ones, and work at eliminating bad habits, helping you to become a confident and masterful speaker.

What will I gain from the Intensive Coaching course?

You will learn to perfect delivery techniques, get comfortable with visual aids, incorporate audience interaction, use feedback effectively, develop stage presence, and learn effective microphone techniques.

What does the fee include?

  • Two full-day, or Four half-day, or Four evening, training sessions
  • Mentoring from experienced speakers and/or trained guides
  • Course workbook
  • Feedback and support
  • Discounted ongoing tutoring, if required

PPS Intensive Coaching courses are only conducted twice a year and places are limited, so don’t miss out. Book now!